ATeNATiCa is an altered abriviation of  "...And The Notes Amplify The Chaos".
It was released Feb. 7th 2014
This is a follow up to "Chaos Plays The Notes" from Feb 7th 2012.
It is available for a Name Your Price download at
(Stream Below.)
Rusty Joints, is an audio/ visual ongoing project.
This image is the FULL Version of the album art.
The idea was that Rusty has bandanas covering his face with expressions drawn on them, in an attempt to express himself. A way around his solid robotic face.
Since the last album the Chaos is stronger and  has only driven him madder.
You can stream/ download the album with the player above.
These are the album notes, and dedications.
Here we have the conformed album cover to fit the standards of album art.
This was a modified version of the cover to use for the 5th track, to promote the album.
Here is some begining stage art that would later become the final cover.
This was concept work for a cover for the 8th track entitled "Rusty vs. Rusty"
(The original idea was to do many pieces to accomodate all the songs of the album, but sadly never made it that far.)
This was a Transmission from Rusty, from outer space.
It was done to promote the album and released just days before.
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